Women Casual Soft Bottom Orthopedic Bunion Correction Sandals

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3-arch support 

Designed by Professional Podiatrists & Orthopedists, these sandals move angled toes back to their original positions and realign bone positioning while keeping your feet comfortable, pain-free and good-looking!

The main function is to disperse gravity from the ankle joint through the talus to the small head of the metatarsal bone, and then to the calcaneus to ensure the stability of the plantar support when standing upright.

When walking, especially on long journeys, the elasticity of these soles will buffer your feet against hard surfaces, which will prevent the blood vessels and nerves on your feet from compressing.

Comfy & Enhanced Support with Nano-foam insole

The soles are made by nano-foam - the next generation of memory soles that will transform to fit and comfortably hug your feet, where ever you go.

The design makes these sandals perfect for those who need to stand or walk for a long time without any strain or imbalance.

Pressure distribution

Our 3 - arch support design makes sure your weight is evenly distributed across the toes, arch & ball of your feet. Simply slip them on and fit your feet around the toe clasp for enhanced support.

Posture correction

The feet are where bad posture begins. Our sandals help improve the mobility of your hips, back & knees by eliminating the pain caused by your feet.

Straighten your hips, correct knock knees & muscle imbalances by adjusting the structure of your feet. Walk through life pain-free and in perfect health.

Help you walk more steadily & enable you to stand for hours without any strain or posture imbalances.

Bunion Straightening

 Special big toe strap relieves bunion pain, helps correct and realign them, prevents bunions from forming and prevents other future toe problems.


Give you great freedom and comfortable feeling, walk painlessly even if you have to use them all day.

Eliminate the pain caused by flat feet, poor walking posture and plantar fasciitis.

High-quality made

Made with soft, durable and high-quality material, focus on every detail, tight stitches, these sandals promise will give you the finest look, you can walk with confidence with them.

Breathable design 

Always keep your feet dry, no worry about smelly feet.

Non-slip durable outsole 

Provide better slip resistance when used in rain or snow, better traction on a wet surface, reduce the possibility of sliding.

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