Art Music Note Shaped Sculpture Decorative Statue Artwork

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Sixteenth note
Treble clef
Beamed Sixteenth notes
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Add a splash of modern sophistication to your home with this artisan-crafted Vintage Note Figurine. Imagined in environmentally friendly painted resin, these sculptures adds an appealing touch to any tabletop surface. 
The clean fluid lines in combination with the interesting utilization of noteworthy detail create attractive abstractness that distinguishes this sculpture from ordinary décor.
Sold as a limited edition these sculptures are ideal for home, office or commercial spaces.
Whether you place it in the entryway of your home or use it as a focal point in your corner office, these musical modern resin sculptures are sure to elevate curiosity and make your space a little more interesting. 


  • Material: Resin
  • Measurement: 
    • Sixteenth note: 2.6" x 6.3" (length x height)
    • Treble clef: 2.6" x 7.3" (length x height)
    • 2 Sixteenth notes: 3.4" x 5.3" (length x height)

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