UV-C Sanitizing Light Disinfection Room Lamp: Glow Tower

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Glow Tower: UV-C Disinfecting Room Lamp

 Glow Tower is one of our most powerful, yet lightweight and portable designs. 

Ideal for any room in the home or business where safety and peace of mind are a priority. Standing at 19" tall with an ultra-potent quartz 254 nm UV-C generating tube for comprehensive 360° germicidal cleaning of large rooms. 

 Bye, Bye, Germs. Hello, Clean. 

UV-C is a proven disinfecting technology used effectively against viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens¹. It has been used in the sanitization of hospitals, airplanes, food, and water for the past 100+ years. Professional medical-grade UV-C products are the obvious sanitization choice because it is the quick and easy cleaning method that doesn't require chemicals, heat, or waste products.

UV-C technology used to be cost-prohibitive, bulky, and only available for commercial use, but now you can safely sanitize surfaces and the air around you targeting microorganisms at the molecular level. 

Ultra-violet rays easily penetrate through the cell walls of bio-contaminants (germs) into the molecular structure of their DNA & RNA (nucleic acids). This effectively leaves them unable to perform vital cellular functions, replicate, and cause illness. UV-C is a powerful tool to help you and your loved ones stay safe and protected. 
NOTE: UV-C must be used safely. Do not operate the device when people, pets, or plants are inside the room while the device is operational.

Science-Backed Test Results

UV-C Emitting products: An invaluable tool to defend against germs and pathogens. This graph depicts the potency of UV-C against common (and not so common) germs over time and exposure to UV-C.

Still seeking more proof you can see with your very own eyes?
Check out the "Banana Test" method to verify if your UV-C product is working.

Bye, Bye, Germs. Hello Clean.

Germs suck. Utilize the cleaning power of nature by using the sun’s UV rays to sanitize an entire room (up to 645 square feet) in just minutes. UV-C light targets microorganisms at a cellular level, preventing the spread of illness. Now you can use the same technology trusted for decades by hospitals, laboratories, water sanitation plants to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Lightweight and portable design (almost 2' ft tall) is perfect for any home or business where safety and peace of mind are a priority. Easy-to-use, no mess, and 100% chemical-free. 

Don't Just Clean, UVClean.

Why UV-C? Other Cleaning Methods
Effective & cleans quickly Time-consuming, manual cleaning
Germs have no UV-C resistance Germs can develop resistance
Easy to use, no mess Time consuming, messy residue, film
Cleans large areas in minutes Limited by areas chemicals can reach
Improves air quality Can't purify the air
Saves $ over time More $$$ over time
Can use on all non-organic matter Chemicals are impractical for many items
Good for Earth, better for you Bad for the Earth, bad for you
Uses light energy to clean Uses chemicals/spray to clean

💙 Stay Safe, Stay Protected
Clean entire rooms with a comprehensive 360º cleaning angle thanks to the double-quartz system in just minutes-- all at the flick of a switch. Adjustable timer settings for 15, 30, 60 minute clean cycles. Use daily to maintain cleanliness in any room. Safety features include built-in safety delay and wireless remote control.

💙 How Does It Work?
Our UV-C products are designed to target germs on surfaces and in the air. Germs have not developed resistance to a specific wavelength of UV-C light energy, which means UV-C treatment is very effective and will keep your environment cleaner and safer.

💙 Who Is This For?
Staying safe and protected is now on everyone's mind, but it doesn't have to be hard. Standing at almost 2 feet tall, our room sanitizer effectively cleans rooms up to 645 square feet (approximately 25-foot by 25-foot radius). The durable yet lightweight construction comes with a convenient carry handle for quick transport into any room. 

Designed for use in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, garage, office, business to help in the battle against illness-causing germs. Giving yourself peace of mind and keeping your family or customers safe has never been easier (or quicker).

NOTE: UV-C must be used safely. Do not operate the device when people, pets, or plants are inside the room while the device is operational.

Image Reference: Global Lighting Association LED-Professional "Safety Guidelines for UV-C Disinfecting Devices" from Seoul Semiconductor Jun 02, 2020 
Article Reference: [1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3831650/

    Customer Questions & Answers

    Q: What wavelength does Glow Tower Use?

    A: 254 nm UV-C

    Q: How long does the UV-C lamp take to work?