Portable Air Dental Hygiene Floss Oral Irrigator

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The fastest and easiest way to clean the interdental spaces every day

Clean your teeth sparkling clean with this dental water jet, known from television. The easy and quick to use and wireless device powerfully rinses food particles and plaque-causing deposits from your teeth. You can even feel it with a mouthwash to refresh your breath as you clean it. Perfect for children and adults: You can also use it to clean braces, crowns and implants.

Clean with water

This powerful oral hygiene tool uses air infusion technology. At the push of a button, air gently and effectively drives the water against teeth and gaps, thus removing deposits. The comfort handle design and flat tip make it easy to reach molars and keep your mouth fresh.

Easier than traditional dental floss

Flossing manually can be disgusting, uncomfortable, and time-consuming, but everyone knows the importance of good dental hygiene. If bacteria build up in your mouth, it can compromise the enamel of the tooth and cause cavities or decay. But now you can achieve the healthy, brilliant, clean results you want - with little effort.

Effective removal of the remains and bacteria

SUPERJET removes any residue that settles between your teeth after meals. Thanks to the powerful jet, it removes the tartar without pain and cleans all hard-to-reach surfaces.

Unlike dental floss, which can sometimes hurt and bleed gums, SUPERJET removes all bacteria easily and without pain.

Without batteries and charging

The SUPERJET does not require a battery or charger, it uses air and water to remove everything that remains after brushing your teeth.

How it works?

Very easily! Fill the SUPERJET with water, close the device and press the button so that the water comes out. The technology and the air and water pressure remove all unwanted particles and clean the interdental spaces, your dentist will be delighted.

Practically! You can also fill the container with mouthwash for a fresh breath.