Anti-Vomiting Reduces Neck Pain Removable Heightened Tilting Cat Bowl

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Cats like to eat things a little off the ground. It’s better for their health, too. 

Our PurrBowls™ are tilted and elevated so your cat can eat in the most ergonomic feeding position for their bodies.

This helps prevent vomiting and acid reflux, supporting cats who have trouble keeping their food down. 

A "must-have" for older cats and fast or messy eaters! 

Ground level feeding can cause poor feeding hygiene, stomach discomfort, and "shovel-eating". 

Look at how much more the top cat needs to strain her neck compared to the bottom one. Whether it’s old age or arthritis, PurrBowl is a "must-have" for any senior cat.


No more mess!

Finally, a clean feeding station.. Our bowls are tilted so that your cat does not push food out of the bowl. The bowls are easily detachable, which makes them a breeze to clean.

7 reasons why veterinarians  recommend elevated feeders

1. Safeguards against vomiting and acid reflux
2. Improves digestion by leveraging gravity to bring food down
3. Slows down fast eaters
4. Improves hygiene for messy eaters
5. Reduces neck strain for cats with arthritis
6. Prevents bugs from crawling into the feeder
7. Increases comfort when feeding

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