Cordless Electric Pet Cat Dog Hair Trimmer Grooming Kit

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The Solution to Trimming Dog Hair Safely at Home

Did you know overgrown dog hair can cause fleas, ticks & even serious infections? Luckily.. now you can trim your dogs hair safely, quietly & easily at home!

Easy Home Use & Adjustable Blades

Designed for use by dogs of all ages (no experience required), the adjustable blade enables you to cut 0.8mm to 12mm depending on whether you need a tight shave or a light trim.

Reduce Risk of Fleas, Ticks & Infections

Overgrown Dog Hair is the ideal place for mud and muck to build up which is the environment nasty fleas and ticks love to grow and lay eggs.

This mud and muck build up can also cause serious irritation & rubbing which can develop into awful infections requiring expensive vet treatment!


Improve Appearance, Hygiene & Smell

Keeping your dogs hair trimmed is not just required for the health and happiness of your dog but also helps to improve the overall appearance, hygiene & smell.

Quiet, Safe & Beginner Friendly

Makes your dog's ears easier and easier to groom with quiet technology!

Reduce Stress of Vets & Groomer Visits!

We hate to see our lovable dogs suffer but the truth is, most dogs get extremely stressed, anxious and worried when visiting the vets or dog groomers.

 Makes it easy to avoid these unnecessary trips by allowing you to trim their hair easily and safely from home whilst saving you money!

Suitable for Dogs Faces, Paws, Belly & More!

The trimmer is suitable for everything you need and allows you to trim your dogs face, paws, belly and more! Everything you need in one trimmer.

What's Included in my Order?

1x Cordless Hair Clipper

1x USB Charging Cable

4x Trimmer Guards (3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm)

1x Cleaning Brush & Manual