Premium Quality Motorcycle Cover All Season Universal

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S 180*89*122cm
M 200*89*122cm
L 215*100*132cm
XL 230*100*132cm
XXL 246*105*132cm
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From Harley-Davidson to Honda, Suzuki to Kawasaki, Yamaha, etc.-our protective covers are suitable for most road and off-road standard size bicycles.
High-quality materials-made of Oxford fabric, non-abrasive and waterproof, light weight and super soft.
Improved weather protection-Covering from top to bottom protects your motorcycle from rain, dust, high temperature, sap and bad weather.
LOCKHOLES & WINDPROOF BUCKLE-2 aluminum keyhole and 2 windproof buckle design, help to lock your motor and better fix it, our company is very preferential.
24-hour service and storage bag-if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will provide service within 24 hours, the storage bag is kept properly, don’t worry about using it everywhere.

This motorcycle waterproof cover keeps your motorcycle in top condition.
Whether you are driving a cruiser, a "hip rocket" or a moped, it is important to keep the motorcycle clean and safe from the weather. When you park the motorcycle outside without covering it, you expose it to natural and man-made elements. From rain to dust to industrial pollutants, your paint, windshield, and seats are constantly bombarded; this is why you need XYZCTEM motorcycle covers to keep them clean and new for years to come.

Breathable protection. Our motorcycle covers are designed to reduce heat, release moisture and let your motorcycle breathe without letting rain in. Our motorcycle covers help protect your paint from fading, your seat from cracking and Make your motorcycle beautiful.

Quick and Easy Installation Slide on the anti-scratch car protector and use the elastic hems to hold it in place. Simply slip on our smooth, anti-abrasion car cover over the front and the body elastic hems will hold it in place as you slide it over the top and to the back. Rear elastic hems will also help keep it in place, even when it gets a bit windy outside.


Upgraded with 100% waterproof fabric to protect the motorcycle against water seepage and wind, with a PU coat to keep sun damage at bay.


We adopt professional and customizeddouble-needle and thread computersewing machine, with smaller pinholesand higher sewing thread density, andenhanced anti-tearing and waterproofability.


Two specially, designed lock-holes at the front hem to allow for motorcycle locks, preventing theft and keeping the motorcycle secure on windy days.


Complimentary 2 meter band can be extra fixed.


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