Joint Support Knee Pad Rebound Spring Force Knee Booster

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Stop Suffering And Avoid Injury By Protecting Your Knees!

Knee and joint pain that makes your steps heavy and bothersome? PowerKnee Pro knee pads are for anyone who needs extra support for one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, the knees.

These comfortable and adjustable knee pads will significantly reduce the pressure on the thighs, calves and especially on the knees. Ideal for all types of people, from top athletes, hikers, movers to the elderly or suffering from Durable and easy to put on, you just need to tighten the hooks to adjust to the right size.

You can now lift heavy loads without any difficulty while preserving your knees! Protects - prevents your knees from letting go during intense effort, whether during weight training, jogging or when you move heavy objects.

You have knee or joint pain during a stair climb or in your active lifestyle, these knee pads are made for you. Thanks to these kneepads, find lightness in your steps and perform your daily tasks more efficiently. It is able to lighten up to 40 kg of your own weight, 20 kg for each pad. A true revolutionary product, it will provide your joints the support and comfort necessary to facilitate all the activities that lead you to stress your knees. Thanks to the rebounding power of the spring, the PowerKnee Pro knee pads support your thighs and your calves, reducing the pressures on them.


knee pads provide support to your knees, which makes them more relaxed and greatly reduces the risk of injury.


By removing the pressure they have every day, your knees will heal faster and strengthen over time.


Each kneepad has a load capacity of 20kg which allows to strengthen the body in each movement and to lighten the legs by 40kg of effort.  

Ideal for any type of person

Indispensable tool for people who exercise (hikers, weightlifters, etc.), workers who stay crouched all day, delivery people who regularly transport heavy loads, and especially for the elderly and people suffering from arthritis.

PowerKnee Pro knee pads firmly support both legs without reducing mobility. It is an ideal tool for hikers who need a little extra support when climbing steep terrain. Durable and light, the knee pads can be worn under or on your clothes. Easy to use, Velcro straps hold the knee pad securely in place with no slippage or adjustments required.

How to use

Designed with a comfortable non-slip fabric, these knee pads can be worn directly on the skin or over the pants. Innovative, its use is easy and painless! By opting for these PowerKnee Pro knee pads, no more discomfort and pain in your joints. They will be your best ally for your daily activities!

Strong points

  • Relieves pressure at the knees.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Comfortable 
  • Powerful spring rebound

Package Contents

  • 1 x PowerKnee Pro Knee Pads (2 knee pads)