Viking Goat Head Rune Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

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This pendant features a goat skull with horns wrapping around a circle of Elder Futhark Runes. In the center of the goat's skull is the Valknut symbol.

Pendant height 1 7/8"
Pendant width 1 1/2"
Necklace length is 23 1/2"
All pendant necklaces come with a stainless steel chain.

The Elder Futhark is the original runic alphabet of the ancient Vikings and consists of 24 letters. The runes are symbols of the most powerful forces in the cosmos. The word 'rune' means both letter and secret. Runes allow one to access, use, and change the world shaping forces they symbolize. Odin watched the Norns from his seat in Asgard and envied their powers and wisdom and bend his will toward the task of coming to know the runes. To gain the secret knowledge of the runes Odin sacrificed himself to himself. He hung himself from a branch of Yggdrasil , pierced himself with his spear, and stared down into the shadowy waters of the Well of Urd below calling to the runes for nine days and nine nights. At the end of the ninth night the Runes accepted Odin's sacrifice and shown themselves to him, revealing to him all their secrets and powers they possessed.

Then I was fertilized and became wise;
I truly grew and thrived.
From a word to a word I was led to a word,
From a work to a work I was led to a work.

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