Spiderman Launcher Spinning Sticky Wall Soft Bullet Wrist Toy

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Make Your Kids Feel Like Superheroes With This New Spiderman Launcher!

As a Spiderman fan myself, I'm not alone in my enthusiasm for the superhero. Our youthful fantasies of shooting webs from our wrists have long since faded but your kids continue to love it. If you're looking for a gadget that will bring back wonderful childhood memories, go no further than this creative Spiderman Launcher and is sure to make your kids' childhoods unforgettable.

Using the Spiderman Launcher, children may picture themselves as their favorite superhero, Spiderman. The suction darts may be launched by simply strapping the device to your child's wrist. Soft plastic and a suction cup on the front of the darts ensure that your children will not be injured when playing with them.

Spiderman Launcher is popular among kids who imagine being superheroes. Your kids will thank you if you get them this Spiderman launcher. With their buddies, they could have so much fun. There are even Spiderman gloves included with the package.



6 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Spiderman Launcher For Your Kids:

  One-Button Launch

Using the Spiderman Launcher, you can shoot the suction darts in the same action as Spiderman, making the fantasy of being a superhero more believable.


  Included Spiderman Gloves

MPG Spiderman Launcher includes one Spiderman glove, which your kids are likely to take!


  Easy to Launch to a Distance of Around 5 Meters

The suction darts can be launched by this revolutionary toy, allowing your kids to fire at things up to five meters away while having a good time. Even young kids may pick up the art of aiming.



  Safe & Premium Material

Playing with Spiderman Launcher is safe because it was designed with kids in consideration. It is constructed of high-quality ABS plastic and has a suction cup on the front.


  Best Superhero Toy For Kids

Spiderman Launcher is one of the most popular superhero toys for kids. In contrast to other superhero toys, this one can be played with, unlike the majority of other toys that are only for display.


  Great Interaction Between Kids

For the sake of your children's health, get two of them and let them play around instead of staring at their smartphones and tablets all day.


Product Specification: 

Product Name: Spiderman Launcher
Product Material: ABS plastic, PVC, and Suction Cup
Launching Range: Around 5 Meters
Product Size: 4.5cm X 7.2cm X 15cm
Size of Suction Darts: 4.5cm X 2cm X 10cm
Size of Spiderman Glove: 22cm X 13cm X 22cm
Recommend Age: 4 years old & above

Package Included:

1 X  Spiderman Launcher
3 X Suction Darts
1 X Spiderman Glove (Certainly Not A Pair)

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