The Smart Flip and Slide Bucket Lid Mouse Rat Trap

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Keep mice away from your home with this mousetrap!


In a quantitative test, we set up 5 different traps in a barn infested with Mice. We used the same bait (peanut butter) for each and set them up all in a row in order to receive accurate results. The bucket got emptied every time it was full of mice. The test, which lasted 5 days, concluded that Mouser™ caught 412% more mice than the other “Multi Catch” traps.

  • Clever Concept - Eliminate mice with it, a no-kill mouse & rat catcher equipped with an innovative, flip and slide design that's high-efficiency, hygienic, and humane. It resets after every catch, so you can just let it free your space from all rodents in one go, without any work on your part. Got a mouse or rat problem? Not a problem.
  • Safe and Sure - We all know how catching and killing rodents can get ugly. Harmful substances can be damaging to our own health, many traps can hurt our pets or children. Say goodbye to messy and unsafe mouse traps that don't work. This non-lethal mouse & rat trap requires no chemicals or poisons. It's clean, safe and practical. 
  • Simple Setup - Install the device on top of any bucket or container, bait the trap with peanut butter or other food to attract mice or rats and watch it do its job. It self-resets, so you can catch mice over and over again, making sure you don't miss any that might be lurking around your home. 
  • Strike Anywhere - Mouser's™ simple design makes it easy to install anywhere. Set it up in mice-infested barns, garages and sheds, indoors or outdoors. Take the war where it is! So convenient!
  • Mouse-free Home - Mouser™ is a must-have for anyone looking for an effective way to catch mice without having to kill them.
  • High-Quality Material - This reusable, rodent bait station is made of high-quality durable plastic, guaranteed to last for years and years.
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee - Not happy with the product? Just send it back and you will get all your money back - no questions asked.

    Size: 11.81in x 11.81in x 3.14in / 30cm x 30cm x 8cm

     How does it work?

Turn an ordinary 5-gallon bucket into the best trap on the market. No more dealing with 1-time use traps that are often ineffective and unsanitary. With Mouser™ all you have to do is snap it onto a standard-sized 5-gallon bucket, spread some peanut butter on the inside part of the yellow lid (right above the black plank) and boom you're catching mice and rats.

    Humane Mouse Trap


      • Is it safe when having pets and children?
        Yes, of course it is! It will never harm pets and children. In fact, not even for mice/rat, since it's designed to only capture them, so they can be released outside afterward, some distance from your home of course.

      • How many mice can it catch until it needs to be emptied?
        Depending on the size of the mice it will be able to catch up to 40 mice.

      • Can I also use it to catch rats?
        Yes! Mouser™ works on rats as well without any issues. However, of course due to their size, the number of rats you can catch in one go is lower.

      • Do you offer refunds?
        Absolutely! We fully support its effectiveness and quality. If you are not satisfied, please contact us by phone or email within 30 days of receiving your order and we will help you get a refund.

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