Children's Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches 120 Packs


Just patch up and be protected from the harmful mosquito bites for 24 hours!

Natural Mosquito Repellent Patch is an inexpensive and easy solution to decrease the frequency of mosquito bites.

Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches Sticker is convenient and long-lasting.
It can be “patched” to your kids’ clothes, strollers, hats, etc – It can be stuck to anything ANYWHERE at any time!

Made with natural herbs that MOSQUITO HATESNatural Mosquito Repellent Patches Stickers is 100% safe from chemical! Simply attach to your kid’s belongings and those nasty mosquitoes will run away!


  • PATCHES SET – The Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches Stickers come in a pack of 120. The resealable pouch contains 20 sheets, each with 6 patches.
  • UP TO 24 HOURS PROTECTION – It will keep the mosquito away from you and your kids effectively for up to 24 hours.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches. Stickers do not contain any chemicals. That means all parents should not worry about those nasty chemicals. Simply attach to clothing or their belongings and do not worry about mosquito bites!
  • CONVENIENT – This mosquito patch can be placed on clothing, chairs, strollers, tables, or bedsides. These patches are perfect for traveling, gardening, BBQ, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.
  • Highly Effective Protection: Works in high humidity and continues to work even if getting wet
  • Perfect for Kids, Adults & PetsSafe & convenient to use when you are on the go, gardening, BBQ, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities
  • Resealable Design: Keep fresh & effective even placing on other surfaces 


  • Composition: Natural citronella essential oil + Non-woven Fabric
  • Pack Size: 11.5cm * 8 cm
  • Patch Diameter: 2.5 cm

Package Includes:

  • 120 pcs Mosquito Repellent Sticker Kids Patch

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