Fun Mesh Swing Seat Hanging Hammock

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The  Sensory Mesh Swing sways, cradles and soothes away stress, excess energy and meltdowns in no time.

The Sensory Swing helps because it trains the brain to cope in a way that feels safe. They may be moving with their feet off the ground, but it’s all under control, so they learn that everything is fine at a very deep level. Confidence follows and the “fight or flight” response can stand down.

Add to that the benefits of deep pressure therapy from being cradled, and it’s easy to see why the Sensory Swing can dissolve tension for children, adults, anyone.

When struggling with stress turns into a losing battle, the Sensory Swing is the perfect way to relax, rebalance, and refocus their senses, both for seekers or avoiders. Seekers can swing, avoiders can rock themselves calmer, so both of you can enjoy a less stressful day.

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