Knight Gnome Guard Resin Sculpture Ornament

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Bardiche Axeman
Swordsman in Battle stance
Swordsman with lion heraldry shield
Swordsman Standing Guard
Dwarf Axeman
Swordsman At Rest
Jousting Lance Tourney
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Can you hear the battle cry? All cultures have their stories of wee folk and our Gothic Guardians Gnomes bursts onto the scene ready to guard your garden.Each wee warrior statue, decked in classic halberd and great helm, is cast in quality designer resin exclusively for Design Toscano and individually hand painted in the colors of the realm. Great tongue-in-cheek gift for your favorite knight or lady!

Knight Gnomes Guard, they are in battle and love to fight!
Go to the garden and grass to protect this territory.

The knights guard the princess and the prince, just like you and me in the garden.

Legend has it that in the medieval Swan Castle, Princess Catherine and Prince Crouch fell in love at first sight at the ball in the castle. The evil and ugly Prince Damon tried to occupy Princess Catherine and drunk the princess with alcohol. Fortunately, Prince Crouch took the initiative in time to stop. Defeated Damon, Prince Damon took a grudge and returned to his kingdom to summon his soldier guard. At this time, Prince Crouch’s knight army appeared and quickly defeated Prince Damon’s army. Finally, Princess Catherine and Prince Crouch lived happily together. To commemorate the knights, Princess Catherine and Prince Crouch, this product was specially designed to remind people of the loyal and brave knights. Let them guard your garden

  • Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin
  • Each piece is individually hand-painted by our artisans

Package Included:

1 * Knight Gnome(7 inches-9.5 inches)