Japanese Kaonashi Spirited Away No Face LED Night Light Figure

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Spirited Away's No Face & My Neighbor Totoro's Totoro LED Night Light Lamp  Resin Action Figure Kids Toy


Check out our New Creative Studio Ghibli Characters LED Light Lamp Toy Perfect Memorable Gift to let them feel your Heartwarming Love. This Studio Ghibli inspired Spirited Away LED Light Lamp has cool details that was intricately done to imitate a Nostalgic Warm Vibe that surely boosts Kids and Young Adults' creativity and imagination. A good accompany for the night, perfect Surprise Gift for your Bookworm Loved Ones. Perfect Gift for Kids!

Let them know Your Love! Get your Studio Ghibli Characters LED Lamps now!






Commodity Material: Plastics, Resins
Size: 8cm*11cm*17cm (may vary on other characters)
Packaging: 12pcs per set

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