Turn Recycled Bottles Into Hummingbird Feeder Flower Kits

  • 【Happiness】From the beginning to the formation of a complete feeder, you will get a great sense of accomplishment and happiness in the process.
  • 【Attract the Hummingbirds】Add 100% Natural food coloring to the nectar to bottle, easy to attract birds, Impress your neighbors by lighting up your garden with distinctive colors.
  • 【Hummingbird Feeders Advantage】 brilliant one-way Feeding Valve hidden inside the flower that opens when the hummingbird inserts its beak to feed, and then closes again when they leave, we seal our food instead of leaving it out in the open because it stays fresher longer!
  • 【How to DIY】The steps of how to DIY the feeder are attached to the deception. You can make your unique hummingbird feeder according to the steps provided in it. At the same time, it is also a fun game to develop brains and work together with children.
  • 【Great Gift】: When you finish this cool glass hummingbird feeder and give it as a gift to your dear lovers, children, or parents, they will be very happy and feel very cool.

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