Fruit Fly Catcher Mosquito Killer Insect Trap with Sticky Glue Boards

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Catch the annoying mosquitos and enjoy your summer!

Are you tired of spending on chemical-filled mosquito sprays that can be harmful to you or your children? Then. we have the solution for you! We tried some other devices on the market which didn't work well. 


With a bright UV light. this lamp attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects. The silent vacuum under the light sucks the insects in the trap at the bottom. The intense vortex makes it difficult for insects to escape. The trap kills the insects via dehydration and dry air. Once it's done. you can just pop the bottom off and throw all the insects in the trash can.

- Safe. non-toxic. and environmentally friendly
- Simulates warm blood attraction
- Tested noise reduction engineering. Suction fan runs silently
- Anti-Escape drying chamber
- USB-Charge Design
- Children & Pet Safe


  • SILENT: Perfect to place in the bedroom. MosqiCatch works quietly and won't disturb your sleep.
  • NONTOXIC MOSQUITO KILLER: Forget about pesticides that could also harm your family. This Mosquito Killer is safe to use even in a home with babies. It uses non-toxic methods that are effective on insects and harmless to your family.
  • USB POWER: Standard USB charging cable (laptop. cell phone. powerbank. etc.).
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Before cleaning the mosquito container. it is necessary to disconnect the power cord. Then. just open the bottom of the tank. so that mosquitoes can fall out. clean the inner residues.

PRO-TIP (to catch even more mosquitoes)
1. Find an empty plastic bottle
2. Cut with scissors and keep the bottom
3. Pour a little yogurt (lactic acid). sugar (carbon dioxide). apple cider vinegar. watermelon. or apple peel
4. Place the bait on the bottom of the mosquito collection container. which will attract them even more.
--> Another idea is to put some small sticky pads in the collection container. so that even small flies can no longer escape.