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Electric Rat Trap - Electric Mouse Trap

Are you getting annoyed of mice? Are they destroying your food and other stuff? Now get rid of rats, mice or other similar rodents safely with the ultimate Electric Rat Trap.

This Electric Mouse Trap is equipped with precision rodent detection technology. Instantly activating the trap and ensuring that rats and all other rodents get instantly killed. Discarding the rodent is a breeze, just take the electric mouse trap to dump the rat directly into the trash bin. A hassle-free and humane way to get rid of those evil mice from your home, office, garage, warehouse and so on.

Electric Rat Trap - Electric Mouse Trap


  • Easy To Operate: Set a bait inside the trap and simply plug in the device with the provided adapter. Effective for Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Chipmunks, and other similar rodents. Suitable for indoors, warehouse, factories, office, hotel, parking garages and all places where rats usually appear.
  • Powerful Electric Rat Trap: The electric mouse trap works by giving off a powerful electric shock that kills rats. It emits powerful 7000V electric shock. An alternative to toxic chemicals and dangerous traps. It has compact cage unit that does not occupy a lot of room.
  • No Mess: Physically end the life of rodents without using any toxic chemicals or poisons. It kills the rodents as quickly and humanely as possible. Easy to dispose of the dead rodent by simply lifting the lid and emptying it into the dustbin.
  • Instant & Humane Rat Killer: The electric mouse trap is powered by battery or adapter, different choices to suit your needs. It has been designed with safety protection switch, prevents error electric shock to a person.

Electric Rat Trap - Electric Mouse Trap

Electric Rat Trap - Electric Mouse Trap

How To Use

  • Put a piece of ham or bread (or any food rats prefer) into the cage deeply.
  • Insert 4 pieces of batteries or directly use the DC-6V power adapter.
  • Identify location with rat activity looks for worn trails or walkways. place unit on the floor against a wall, Make sure the entrance in line with the trail, like Rats, prefer to travel along walls.
  • Press switch to "On" position. The unit will be on, the green LED will flash, indicating that the unit has been enabled. To prevent incidental electric shocks avoid contact with metal plates. Do not touch the bottom of the unit when the unit is working.

Electric Rat Trap - Electric Mouse Trap

Electric Rat Trap - Electric Mouse Trap


  • 1 x Electronic Rat Trap
  • 1 x Power adapter

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