Interactive Flopping Fish Toy For Cats and Dogs

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THE NO.1 DOG TOY -Flopping Fish Toy

98% of customers reported that their dog showed an immediate interest in the Floppy Fish, whilst 35% followed up with a message expressing how much their dog loves to play with it and practise its hunting skills.

The Floppy Fish Dog Toy is specially designed to promote natural behaviour in your dog. The ultra-realistic appearance and movement will have your dog entertained for hours, whilst they also develop their essential hunting skills.

See your dog's overall happiness and intelligence improve by using this interactive and enriching toy! With such a high rate of extremely positive reactions, we are sure that your furry friend will love it!

*Recommended for small-medium size breeds (Up to 20 kg/44 lbs)

"My dog used to sleep for most of the day and rarely kept interest with any toys. That was until I got this floppy fish, my dog absolutely loves it!"

Jessie, Dudley


🐾 A Great Energy Outlet - Dogs love fast-moving objects as this is when their hunting instincts kick in. Our Floppy Fish gradually increases in speed to ensure your dog is entertained for hours!

🐾 Improves Mood - Allowing your dog to play releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) in your dog’s brain. This gives them life satisfaction and reduces their urge to perform destructive behaviours (e.g. attacking the couch, destroying wires, etc.). This leads to a happy pup and happy owner!

🐾 Eliminates Boredom - Dogs require complex activities in order to stimulate their brain. The Floppy Fish is interactive and contains dog-responsive technology that holds their attention for a long time. Many traditional toys are not responsive and dogs often lose interest quickly.

🐾 Encourages Natural Hunting Behaviour - Dogs are natural-born hunters that sustain on a 100% carnivore diet in the wild. This means that dogs must be able to hunt and play in order to be happy. Offer this to your dog with the ultra-realistic Floppy Fish.

🐾 A More Exciting Experience For Your Dog - Moderns dogs often spend the majority of their time indoors. This is far from their natural habitat which can lead to boredom and sadness. The Woofie Whiskers™ Floppy Fish will give your dog a real sense of nature which can boost their mood.


🐾 Dog-Responsive Technology - The Floppy Fish is fully responsive to your dog's behaviour. As your dog plays/attacks, the Floppy Fish will move rapidly and simulate real prey trying to escape. If your dog is stalking, the floppy fish will lay still as if it is trying to disguise into the surroundings.

🐾 Photo-Realistic Design - The Floppy Fish has a soft but durable plush feel with professional quality printing. This results in an ultra-realistic appearance to the floppy fish that will attract your dog.

🐾 Everything Included - The Floppy Fish comes with everything you need! The fish, removable electronics, and the charging cable!