Rainbow Chakra Tapestry


Find Your Inner Zen through Deep Meditation

A beautifully hand-crafted Chakra Tapestry design used to balance and enlighten your energy points of your body. This powerful tapestry provides balance in your energy fields to provide you with the highest intent. The seven main chakras correspond to each colour affecting our emotional and physical well-being:

  • RED – The Root Chakra; manifesting physical identity, stability, and grounding
  • ORANGE – The Sacral Chakra; connected to feelings of self-worth, sexuality, pleasure, creativity
  • YELLOW – The Solar Plexus Chakra; The personal power chakra of self esteem and self-confidence
  • GREEN – The Heart Chakra; Ability to connect with love and compassion
  • BLUE – The Throat Chakra; Aligned to communication of speaking and listening with compassion knowing to being true to yourself with your own words.
  • INDIGO – The Third Eye Chakra; Being in touch with your intuition and imagination
  • VIOLET – The Crown Chakra; The upbringing of awareness and intelligence connecting to life’s purpose and spirituality

Use this beautiful Chakra Tapestry daily to manifest, balance and realign your mental well-being through yoga, meditation, chakra cleansing, bodywork and more.  

  • High-Quality Material- Made of high-quality and durable polyester that is comfortable and smooth to touch.
  • Classic Design - Masterfully crafted and colorful Chakra patterns giving it a great finish to look at
  • Multi-Functional – Use this beautiful Chakra Tapestry on your daily activities to enlighten your mood and well-being, whether it may be yoga, meditation, chakra cleansing, bodywork and even music.  
  • Energy Focused – Balance your energy fields with the 7 Chakras – each one providing a specific benefits to individual equilibrium
  • Unique Gift - Makes for a unique and great gift to give for any individual to manifest more in their life!

Find Your Inner Peace of Mind

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