Nordic Fashion Odin Sword Rune Totem Viking Necklace Stainless Steel Double-side

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Norse Sword Viking Necklace

In Norse mythology, the sword belongs to Freyr, a Norse god associated with sunshine, summer, and fair weather. Freyr's sword is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the few weapons that are capable of fighting on its own. After Freyr gave up the sword to Skírnir for the hand of the giantess Gerðr, he will die at Ragnarök because he didn't have his sword, fighting Surtr with an antler.

Wear this mighty Talisman when you need your path to be cleared or when you are looking for divine protection. Each of our Viking jewelry pieces is handmade and individually crafted with great skill and passion.


  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Chain Length: 60cm (24 inches)
  • Pendant Size: 50mm
  • High-quality finish 
  • Won't fade or tarnish
  • Online exclusive, not sold in stores
  • Safely packed and delivered


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