Women Boho Hibiscus Petal Dangle Resin Earrings

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  •  Acrylic rose petal earrings incorporates contemporary fashion into oomph, charm and fresh personalities.Gorgeous acrylic petals worn in string around the ears, it will be very exaggerated and eye-catching. The visual impact will reveal your beauty from not only inside out but also immediately noticed by people around you. When wind blowing by your ear, it will like you can almost hear the sound of wind chimes.
  •  the rose hibiscus earrings are very suitable for vocations on beaches and photo taking,making your appearance more elegant and delicate.It not only fits for everyday use,but also fits for dates, weddings, parties, offices, clubs ,concert and so forth.It Just enough to chin length without being too cumbersome,with a matte gold blessing,you will have very celebrity style and very white skin.The ivory tassel earring’s lifelike petal is a perfect choice for summer style
  • Package list:2* Earrings
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