Bird Feeder Hanging Automatic Bird Feeding Tool High Quality Metal

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Material: metal

Size: 20x10.5cm

Description: 1. [Anti-squirrel] This outdoor hanging bird feeder adopts anti-squirrel design. There are wire around the bird feeder, which can effectively prevent squirrels from entering.

2. [Metal Waterproof Material] The shell of the bird feeder is made of metal material, which is sturdy and durable. The surface is coated with a waterproof coating, which can extend the service life and prevent the bird feeder from rusting.

3.[Attract Wild Birds] The hanging bird feeder can be hung on outdoor trees, courtyards, backyards, garden courtyards. This is a good anti-squirrel bird feeder that can attract the attention of wild birds. They will fly over to enjoy bird feeding, which allows birds to have more contact with humans

4. [Easy to use]-No need to assemble, the metal hanger can help you hang the bird feeder wherever you want to go. Through the transparent PVC inner tube, you can observe the amount of food at any time and easily add ingredients. The bottom is designed with drainage holes to keep the food dry.

5. [Creative Gift Selection] This bird feeder is very easy to install. This is an advanced decoration suitable for backyard or outdoor. It can be given as a gift to your family, mothers, friends, and the elderly (including your children). This bird feeder allows them to interact more with cute birds. The fun of this process is priceless

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