Multifunctional Mobile Phone Holder For Outdoor Riding

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Bicycle Bike Light With Mobile Phone Holder Stand Multi Functional For Outdoor Riding Cycling Headlight Horn 2000mAh Charging

Bullet Points:

1、Elastic clips, good stability, adjustable width 50-80mm, used in 4-6.3 inch mobile phones.
2、The shock absorbing pad does not hurt the mobile phone, and the bracket is equipped with a shock absorbing pad to effectively protect the outer casing of the mobile phone and prevent scratching.
3、Highlight headlights, night riding protection, double lamp bead lighting design, to ensure safe riding at night. Three modes of strong light, low light and flashing, easy to convert mobile phone mode to meet daily operational needs.
4、5 kinds of horn sound effects, 130 decibel speakers, bid farewell to shouting, up to 130 decibels, effectively warning passers-by, vehicles.
5、Mobile charging, convenient and fast, built-in 2000 mAh large capacity battery, charging anytime, anywhere.

Elastic clips, good stability, adjustable width 50-80mm, used in 4-6.3 inch mobile phones.
The shock absorbing pad does not hurt the mobile phone, and the bracket is equipped with a shock absorbing pad to effectively protect the outer casing of the mobile phone and prevent scratching.
Highlight headlights, night riding protection, double lamp bead lighting design, to ensure safe riding at night. Three modes of strong light, low light and flashing, easy to convert mobile phone mode to meet daily operational needs.
5 kinds of horn sound effects, 130 decibel speakers, bid farewell to shouting, up to 130 decibels, effectively warning passers-by, vehicles.
Mobile charging, convenient and fast, built-in 2000 mAh large capacity battery, charging anytime, anywhere.

Name: Multi-function mobile phone holder
Material: ABS
Size: Approx.60mm*120mm
Chuck range: 50-80mm (4-6.3 inch mobile phone)
Charging type: USB charging
Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
Output voltage / current: 0.8A
Headlight brightness: 400 lumens
Lamp type: LED lamp beads *2
Flashing lights: strong light, low light, flashing
Speaker decibel: 130 decibels
Sound mode: 5 sound modes

Base *1
USB data cable*1
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