Egg Yolk Yellow Goop With Squishy Stress Ball Puking Toy Funny

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Feature: When you are under pressure, squeezing an egg is a very satisfying thing. It feels like egg yolks and any transparent things are said to be squeezed out between your fingers, and you will feel very satisfied. This is a question of a stress-relieving activity...chaos, slight damage to your hands caused by the eggshell, and the cost of replacing so many eggs. Thanks to the Puking Egg Yolk Stress Ball, you can now decompress while repeatedly squeezing the same egg. The best part of this pressure ball is that it will spit out something that looks like its internal organs-a yellow mucus that looks like a runny egg yolk. With this pressure ball, when you squeeze his head to make your little egg yolk vomit, you will be able to nauseate your colleague or child over and over again. If you squeeze a little, he will vomit a little, but if you are under a lot of pressure, you can make him vomit a lot, and his whole egg yolk will flow out... uh... even more serious- He will suck his vomit back when you loosen the head. This little guy looks like a small round egg yolk sitting on a cracked shell-it's really cute when it doesn't vomit. The yellow goo is individually packaged, so you can be sure that it is in its best condition when the pressure ball arrives. No matter how hungry you are, you can't eat this little egg yolk because it is not made from chicken. Instead, he is made of PVC plastic.

Product Type: Decompression Toys
Product color: yellow

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