Magical 111 Piece Set Water Balloons For Both Kids And Adults

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Summer can be full of fun with these best instant water balloons. You can enjoy water balloon fight by filling the balloons with water. The best part of this item is that you can fill and tie it automatically. Kids can have a wonderful time throwing and juggling the balloons into space. This product is easy to use because it is easier to fill and knot these balloons. Kids can have a good time out during summer even without the guidance of adults.

111 water balloons come in different sizes and shapes for all your summer vacations. You can create better memories for your kids by buying one of these instant water balloons. Fun-loving and high-spirited adults or campers can have a great time out too using this product.

Enjoy playful combat, wonderful moment, and bubbly fun with instant water bomb balloons. There is no way you won’t enjoy your outdoor experience with these amazing balloons.


  • Made from quality, biodegradable organic latex
  • Has multi-colored water balloons
  • Includes 500 reusable water latex bombs and a hose nozzle
  • Rapid fill and automatic sealing
  • Comes with warranty and after-purchase service
  • Recommended for children aged 8 years and above


  • Available Colors: Purple / Red / Orange / Yellow / Pink / Blue / Green
  • Material: Natural latex


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