Colored Koi Fish Wind Chime

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😍Our Colored  Koi Fish Wind Chime will be your best catch of the season.🎐🎐 Hanging from your porch or deck, like they’ve just been caught from ancient Japanese waters, these weather-resistant and artistic wind chimes will create deep, relaxing tones every time the wind blows.

💕In Japanese culture, Koi fish represent loyalty, friendship and love, making this outdoor garden art not only pleasing to the eyes and ears, but symbolic as well.

🌊⭐These unique chimes feature detailed fins, tails, eyes and lips. Hang these serene yet brightly hued Koi fish near your yard or garden retreat to instill the calming nature of the sea in your outdoor décor.

  • Fish Wind Chime features detailed fins and tails
  • Creates deep, relaxing tones every time the wind blows
  • Hang artistic chimes from any outdoor patio or deck
  • Brightly colored Koi fish wind chime adds the calming nature of the sea to your yard or garden décor
  • 13"L x 4¾"W

✅Our matching hook adopts the design of fish hook to restore the fishing scene more truly

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